Renewable Green Energy Program


As a developer, building owner and property manager, Norstar is keenly aware of the benefits of intelligent building designs which incorporate renewable energy strategies to reduce overall energy consumption and increase conservation.

Launched in October 2009 through the Green Energy and Economy Act and its Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program, the Ontario government has taken an aggressive approach to promoting green energy resources and hence, reducing our carbon footprint for future generations. Norstar Canada is committed to contributing to green energy production and to the improvement of air quality through the use of green energy.

Norstar Canada is a proponent of Solar Photovoltaic Systems (Solar PV) which allows it to harness a portion of the sun’s 89,000TW energy resource. Solar PV has become a very reliable and sought after technology for clean and relatively maintenance-free power production. Norstar has implemented Solar PV as part of many of its buildings’ roof-top designs. Norstar’s Solar PV Systems are connected to the electrical grid, enabling it to at once reduce its buildings’ energy consumption while at the same time feeding surplus energy back into the electricity grid. Norstar’s Solar PV Systems are reliable, low-maintenance and scalable.

The Ontario government reviewed the original FIT Program in October 2011 and concluded that its success has established Ontario as a leader in clean energy production and manufacturing. As a result, Ontario has renewed its commitment to clean energy with the launch of FIT 2.0. In keeping with Ontario’s renewed commitment, Norstar Canada has already submitted applications to the Ontario Power Authority under FIT 2.0 to construct additional Solar PV Systems which will feed Ontario’s clean energy production for years to come.