About Norstar

The Norstar Group of Companies is a dynamic and multi-faceted residential, commercial, retail and industrial real estate developer and construction group in Canada and the United States. The Group possesses a depth of expertise in land assembly and development, planning, revitalization, design-build and property management.

Combining 50 years of corporate, architectural, construction and project management experience, the Norstar Group operates successfully in many locations across the USA and Canada, building on its already considerable experience in the residential and commercial/industrial sectors.

The Group’s diverse portfolio includes successful residential projects from Toronto to Tampa, Florida, from Long Island, New York to Detroit, Michigan and from Syracuse, New York to Dallas, Texas, showcasing its expertise in a succession of well-designed and well-built projects amounting to thousands of residential units built to date. The Group currently owns over 4 million square feet of commercial/retail/industrial space, the majority of which are managed and maintained by the Group’s affiliated Concordian Group of Companies. The Concordian Group is one of the largest full-service, privately owned commercial property development, lease and management companies in Ontario. The Group also owns hundreds of acres of useable land earmarked for future development.

In the United States, Norstar is a prolific, award-winning builder of affordable housing. Norstar is now the 15th largest builder of affordable housing in the USA and the proud recipient of numerous awards for home building excellence. Norstar USA is also recognized as a leader in the development of innovative and creative project finance solutions to fund and meet a growing market demand for affordable housing across the United States.

In Canada, Norstar designs, builds, operates, manages and leases premium quality industrial, commercial, retail and office space. Norstar is customer-focused and boast many long-term business relationships with clients and tenants alike.

The Norstar Group is a proponent of green construction and has expanded its commitment to green energy with a focus on the renewable energy market. As a building developer, owner and facilities manager, Norstar has had the unique opportunity to become a renewable energy producer with the construction of roof top Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for clean power production.

Norstar is a recognized, award-winning leader in the real estate and construction industry. Its vast portfolio including office towers, retail complexes, luxury high-rise and garden terrace condominiums, executive townhomes and single family residential communities set it apart as a diverse industry leader.